Hot Reels: 'Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates' And 'David Brent: Life of the Road'

Adam DeVine and Zac Efron in singlets for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Ciara McGrattan takes a look at some of August’s upcoming releases, ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ and ‘David Brent: Life Of The Road’


This month saw the release of the much criticised Suicide Squad (the film received only 27% on Rotten Tomatoes) let’s see what else is out this month that’s worth taking a trip to the cinema for.


Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Released mid-month is Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (August 10) starring Zac Effron. I already know what you’re thinking; this is obviously going to be some sort of crude, semen-scented dude comedy, but please observe the casting of the females leads. Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick are not super-sexy vixens (though they are attractive, of course) but are well regarded for their comedy chops.

The story is simple: hard-partying brothers Mike (Modern Family‘s Adam DeVine) and Dave (Efron) are instructed by their sister to find appropriate dates for her upcoming Hawaiian wedding, in order to prevent them from ruining the big day with their excessive joie de vivre.

So, they appear on a TV show appealing for dates, which puts them into contact with slovenly hucksters Tatiana (Plaza) and Alice (Kendrick) who set out to trick the guys into believe they are respectable, Charlotte from SATC types, perfect for a family wedding. And they succeed, but the guys soon learn the truth about the girls after spotting them smoking weed from a hollowed out apple on the beach. Comedy ensues.

After Bad Neighbours, I began to come around to Zac Effron. He’s not terrible at comedy, you guys, even if his attempts at dramatic pathos are so terrible they make Joey from Friends ‘Smell the Fart’ acting style look like Laurence Olivier. Nonetheless, this has got something for everyone: brainless laughs, Audrey Plaza and Zac Effron for the (sorta) sex appeal, and a capable, familiar cast.

It’s difficult to believe that it’s been 15 years since the world’s cringiest mockumentary boss awkwardly danced his way onto our TV screens and into our hearts. It has been, though, and somehow the world has managed to continue spinning after the end of the show in 2003 (and the end of the show’s suprisingly good American remake in 2013). Check out the trailer below.



Check out David Brent: Life of the Road on the next page.

David Brent:Life Of The Road

With such international turmoil and global instability, the world needs the return of David Brent now more than ever. And luckily, there’s beaucoup Brent in the form of David Brent: Life of the Road (August 15). The finale of the show’s brief run (which lasted only two seasons and a two-part Christmas special) saw Brent fired from the titular office before capitalising on the Z-list fame generated by the mockumentary by engaging in a series of humiliating public appearances at Slough’s nightclubs.

The movie picks up the action 15 years after the events of The Office. Brent, now a nomadic office supplies sales rep selling paperclips and tampons, embarks on a tour with his band Foregone Conclusion. Deluded as ever, Brent believes the filming of the tour (which he is funding out of his pension) will be a Scorcese-esque portrait of a genius on the road, when in fact it is a ‘where are they now’ follow-up on his ludicrous (deludicrous?) persona.

There’s clearly a bit of wish fulfilment going on here; although it’s all very tongue-in-cheek, Gervais, whose ’80s new-wave band Seona Dancing scored a hit single in the Philipines, is clearly enjoying the chance to play a (albeit clueless) strutting rock star, singing songs co-written by Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

But will it be any good? Too early to say: for every The Office Gervais creates there’s a Life’s Too Short, but the chance to hear him wheel out cringy classics like ‘Free Love Freeway’ and ‘Paris Nights’ is almost too much to resist. Check out the trailer below:


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