NSFW: 15 pics that perfectly capture the spirit of Folsom Street Fair 2022

Thousand of members of the BSDM and leather community gathered in San Francisco for Folsom Street Fair 2022.

People at the Folsom Street Fair 2022, dressed in leather.
Image: Via Instagram - @jasonjumpss

Last Sunday, September 25, thousands of people gathered in San Francisco for Folsom Street Fair 2022.

Since its debut in 1984, the annual BDSM and leather subculture street fair that is now known as Folsom Street Fair, also referred to simply as Folsom, has grown exponentially. It has now become one of California’s largest single-day festivals and it generates significant revenue for numerous charities.

The event caps San Francisco‘s Leather Pride Week, attracting members of the BDSM and leather community from all over the world. The city has a long history of leather-loving, with its very first leather bar, the Sailor Boy Tavern, opening in 1938 to cater to navy sailors looking for some same-sex action.

An earlier precursor to Folsom was the CMC Carnival (California Motorcycle Club Carnival), a gay leather BDSM fair that took place from 1966-1984 and was organised by gay motorcycle clubs, like the Warlocks, San Francisco’s first gay biker gang.

The beginnings of the Folsom Street Fair are closely tied to the AIDS crisis in the 1980s, when city officials began to enforce stricter regulations for bars and crack down on bath-houses. In response, community activists decided to organise a street fair to raise awareness, as well as funds, and to offer members of the leather community the possibility to access information and services around safe sex.

Over the years, the event evolved into an iconic celebration of free sexuality, drawing an estimated 400,000 each year. Here is a selection of the best pics taken at Folsom Street Fair 2022.

1. Some good ol’ bondage

A man being tied up in bondage gear at Folsom 2022.
Via Instagram – @stevenunderhill

2. We do generally hate them, yes

Four people holding a sign reading 'BOTTOMS, TOPS WE ALL HATE COPS!'
Via Twitter – @santa_dallas

3. …well, maybe not all of them.

A man dressed in a black police hat and mesh vest.
Via Instagram – @stevenunderhill

4. Clowns and pups joined

A man in a dog kink costume, and a man in a clown costume.
Via Instagram – @stevenunderhill

5. Where are my dragons?

Two people dressed in dragon kink.
Via Twitter – @Chiptune409

6. Some were left hanging

A person hanging in bondage gear at Folsom.
Via Instagram – @hwilliamsjrphoto

7. Purple bows and feathers

Two people dessed in purple wigs and dresses.
Via Instagram – @stevenunderhill

8. Furry friends smiling for the camera

A blue furry at Folsom 2022.
Via Twitter – @ShinazaS

9. Heaven on earth

A person with giant angel wings at Folsom 2022.
Via Instagram – @esthercervantes

10. In for a ride

A group of people in leather and kink gear.
Via Instagram – @stevenunderhill

11. Some more uncomfortable hanging

A person hanging upside down in bondage gear.
Via Instagram – @stevenunderhill

12. Hot cosplaying

Two people in cosplay at Folsom 2022.
Via Instagram – @stevenunderhill

13. Wild animals among the crowd

Two people in animal kink gear at Folsom 2022.
Via Twitter – @StormyKittyhawk

14. Haters will say they’re fake

Two people, the person on the right is in a costume that has fake breasts.
Via Instagram – @stevenunderhill

15. Leathery smiles

Two shirtless men smiling at each other.

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