Food For Thought With Rachel Lynch From Urbanity Smithfield

Head Chef at Urbanity, Rachel Lynch chats about the Irish food scene, queer icons and ideal dinner party guests.


Who doesn’t love a place that describes itself as a ‘coffee roastery’? Conjures up all sorts of warm, sensual ideas, don’t you think? Well, Urbanity is a coffee roastery, along with an all-day casual eatery that focuses on interesting and great tasting food, which has recently begun opening in the evenings too. Coffee is roasted on-site with their bespoke Probat roaster and they use great quality, locally sourced ingredients to create wholesome and delicious dishes.

The menus are seasonal and the food is always fresh, with a focus on vegetarian and vegan. We’re in love with the daily specials, and especially those on the ever-changing cake counter. Yum!



Hey, Rachel! For starters, tell us who is your queer icon and why?

I’d have to say, Lily Tomlin. If I were to end up half as uninhibited and fearless, I would be very happy.


Who would be at your ideal party of five, living or dead, and why?

Probably Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo for their abstract perceptions of the world. Patti Smith, because it was love at first listen. Haruki Murakami, because his books are amazing. Anthony Bourdain, because it’s nice to talk food and he seems like he’d be craic at any party.


What would be on the menu?

My favourite way to eat is by combining a lot of boisterous flavours and textures in little bites, so probably an unwieldy selection of veggie street food with influences from around the world – all washed down with a couple of icy cold Cuba Libres.


Your favourite place to eat, other than Urbanity, in Dublin? 

When I finally leave either my own kitchen or my Urbanity kitchen I like Umi for its simplicity and fresh flavours and Yamamori for some Japas and cocktails.


What, who, or where is rocking your world in food right now?

I’m loving the food movement that is being created in Ireland at the minute. Although it’s mostly focused on the west coast, with Food On The Edge, it’s awesome to see what can happen when like-minded people put their heads together.


If they were making a film of your life, what would it be called and who would star in it?

Hah, probably ‘Glazed and Infused’! Apparently, Jane Lynch should play me, which I’m happy enough with. She’s a funny lady.


What flavour would your ideal birthday cake be?

I am not into sweet things in a big way, so my birthday cake would be an awesome veggie burrito. Failing that, a carrot cake, because I’m a sucker for cream cheese icing.


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