Food For Thought: Ruth Ormiston From Cornude

We caught up with the owner of Dublin's Cornude

Ruth Ormiston from Cornude holding two bags of popcorn

Based in Dublin’s Liberties, Cornude’s multi-award winning popcorn is handmade daily by Ruth Ormiston from start to finish in her artisan kitchen.

Offering Luxury Gourmet Popcorn in a huge range of mind-altering flavours, Cornude specialises in producing popcorn for larger events, so it’s ideal for weddings, events, hotels, marketing events and special occasions.

The cornude cones for special events and weddings from Ruth Ormiston

The bespoke element of Cornude allows clients to work alongside Ruth to create special pairings.

With her culinary background and passion for ingredients, Ruth Ormiston has changed the face of popcorn here in Ireland – and has palettes popping nationwide. #FreshNotFarmed

Since it’s beginnings in 2014 Cornude has won 6 Blás awards at the Irish Food Awards and has been accredited with Best in Ireland 3 years running by McKenna’s Guides.


1. Who is your queer icon and why?

Oh, I go straight to my 1980s childhood bedroom in rural Ireland, where ‘Karma Chameleon’ constantly belted out of the old record player and the walls were adorned with colourful posters of Boy George. Far from doom and gloom, it was.

Ruth Ormiston from Cornude holding popcorn in colourful cones


2. Favourite 5 on your menu?

Being a bit of a bitter one (taste wise) I’d have to start with a Green Papaya Salad & Big Veggie Jalfrezi Skewers. Seconded with Lime Sorbet. Mains would have to be Pistachio & Courgette Korma with Lemon-Cassia Basmati. Desert would be BiBi’s infamous Tarty Lemon Squares they’re gorgeous (Topped with Squashed Raspberries & Cream). And to finish CHEESE Corleggy’s Cavanbert. And sure maybe a zesty Mojito to aid a song or two. Yum!

3. Your Favourite place to eat in Dublin?

Oh, gosh! For me it’s all about the meal experience, so without further ado… everyone to mine for 7pm, for food, chats, and a song or two. Then jackets on and we’re headed down to Street 66’s Gin Quarters for a – you guessed it – gin dessert. Once dessert has settled in nicely, we’re off for a good old bop and some ginormous pizza in DiFontaines on Parliament Street.


4. Who is rocking your world in food right now?

I just love to see courage and passion come together, so a woman called Hari Ghotra is my lady of the moment. Based in Surrey, she’s a cool individual who like myself is mad about ingredients, flavours and their authenticities. She’s totally doing her thing right now. Go Hari!

Cornude popcorn in champagne glasses against a brick wall background


5. They’re making a film of your life. Who plays you and what is it called?

Okay, so the film would surely be called ‘Chasing Umami’ and without a doubt, I would be played by Melissa McCarthy. There’d be close instruction, though.


6. What would be the first dance song at your wedding?

If anyone was hearty enough to pin me down, I’d definitely be looking at Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames 1965 hit ‘Yeh Yeh’. There’d be zero bums on seats with that one.


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