Former Hurler Conor Cusack Comes Out


Former Cork hurler and brother of Donal Óg Cusack, Conor Cusack, has revealed that he is also gay.

The 34 year-old made the announcement in a blog post titled ‘To Thine Own Self Be True’ writing, “I’ve known for a good while now that I have been sexually attracted to men.

“I have been comfortable with this area of my life and I never felt the need to discuss it with anyone. That is until recently,” writes Cusack.

“Life for me is never black or white but more about different shades of grey.”

Cusack, who published a popular blog about his experiences with depression, cited a “great love of people” for his decision to come out.

“I believe nobody should have to talk publicly about matters to do with their Mental Health or with issues to do with their sexuality if they don’t want to. I have chosen to do both. I have done so because I have a great love of people, “

“So, it is important for me to be able to be fully authentic with them when I am in their company, with whatever the discussion is about,” he added.

Cusack finished his blog post on an upbeat note.

“A great weight hasn’t been lifted off my shoulders. I worked through and removed that many years before. Still though, it’s nice as my head just hits the pillow on Sunday night to get a phone call from my Dad. “Hi Con. Just want to say your Mam and I love you. Good night”.

The full post is available here.

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