GAA Star Eamon McGee Faces Criticism Over Yes Equality Campaign

eamon mcgee yes equality

Donegal football star Éamon McGee has revealed that he has received some criticism due to his support of the Yes Equality marriage campaign.


McGee said that he has received mostly positive comments on Twitter after taking part in the Yes Equality campaign, but he told the Irish Examiner that there has been some backlash.

“The reaction has been more than positive. A Catholic organisation was ribbing me on Twitter and asking why the GAA was taking a stand on this. It’s a societal issue rather than a political issue, but the majority of it has been supportive and I think it’s a good opportunity too for people to talk about it. It just shows you there’s that bit of open-mindedness there.”

McGee, who is straight, said he came about to support the campaign when he thought about the possibility of his future children being gay.

“If I ever have a child and he or she turns out to be gay, they could say to me ‘you had a chance to make a difference in that vote’. I don’t know would I be more ashamed that I didn’t vote or the fact I voted against it. It comes down to equality and one less difference in society.”

McGee also believes that GAA players who want to come out won’t have as much of a media circus surrounding their sexuality as Dónal Óg Cusack did.

“Maybe in the next generation because of the vote this year and because of people like Dónal Óg, it won’t be such a big thing, just normal. Hopefully, that’s where we’re going to now. But it’ll just take time.”

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