WATCH: Gay Bear Hilariously Recreates Diet Coke Break Advert

Gay bear rapper Big Dipper creates his own tongue-in-cheek parody of the classic 'Diet Coke Break' advert, with messier results.

A topless bear in a hard hat poses sexily holding a large bottle of Diet Coke which has fizzed up all over him

“It’s 11.30. Diet Coke break.” Ring a bell?

Everyone (of a certain age) remembers the infamous ‘office workers drooling over topless construction worker drinking Diet Coke’ bit, right? What do you mean, ‘no’?

Well, just in case – here’s the original. Check out those fashions! On a side note – imagine how creepy it would be having your lunch, looking up, and there’s a hoard of people staring at you. Would put you right off your chicken fillet roll.

Anyway, now that your memory is refreshed, bear rapper Big Dipper recently took time out from blowing up the internet with his hot, body positive, music videos to make a queerer, and, um, messier version of the ad.

It starts pretty similar, except the ladies are now replaced with mostly gay men. We still have the hot construction worker, maybe a little more sexy this time around. It’s all mostly shot for shot until what can only be described as a cola explosion. Big Dipper lasciviously caresses a big fizzing two litre before pouring it over his head. Either he was shaking that pretty vigorously before he hopped off his digger or someone obviously knows the Mentos trick.

Comedy and all, we predict it’ll still have a few viewers hot under the collar.

The man behind the video, Big Dipper, is a gloriously filthy queer rapper based in LA. Famous for his sex positive attitude and music, his Instagram contains videos of him singing the praises of PrEP to the tune of Salt N’ Pepa’s ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’, in between posting bear-filled clips from his latest videos.

A breath of fresh air for his brash, wonderfully shame-free views on gay sex, Big Dipper is also the co-host of the unBEARable podcast with fellow entertainer Meatball. Taking a look at bear culture and sex, the show has featured interviews with Drag Race alumni William and Jaymes Mansfield, YouTube funnyman and legendary Chloe Sevigny impersonator Drew Droege and Dragula drag monster Vander Von Odd.

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