Mayo Bull Benjy, To Be Slaughtered Because He Is Gay


Benjy the bull is facing the slaughterhouse as his farmer believes that he is gay.


Benjy, who is kept as a breeding bull, isn’t interested in breeding with heifers, and according to his owner, prefers other bulls.

The farmer, who remains anonymous, has been forced to bring in another bull to inseminate his herd, as Benjy wasn’t interested in the task.

After a year without any impregnation, the farmer has resigned himself to Benjy’s sexual preference as other scans showed no problems.

“Benjy had already been tested and everything was normal, so it became apparent that the problem lay elsewhere,” he told the Irish Daily Mail.

Initially, the farmer believed that he didn’t witness Benjy’s funny business as he was a “discreet chappie” but it seems that his problems were slightly more difficult than that. Benjy isn’t so much discreet as he is batting for the other side, as the farmer observed that Benjy was much more interested in other bulls than the awaiting cows.

The Co. Mayo farmer was confused by the situation until it was explained that homosexuality in animals can happen and it is likely that Benjy is a gay bull.

“At first, I didn’t take seriously that the bull could be gay, but after seeking advice I know this can happen,” he said.

Upon getting a replacement bull, a number of the farmer’s herd are now pregnant.


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