A Gay Cyclist Encounters A Homophobic Preacher. You'll Never Believe What Happens Next.

Gay cyclist on a road in Glasgow with helmet on before he meets a homophobic preacher

A gay cyclist in Glasgow, Scotland comes across a man preaching with a clear homophobic bias, and lets him know what he thinks.

The man, identified as Ryan Vance, is a gay cyclist living in Glasgow who was cycling through one of Glasgow’s busy shopping streets when he encountered a man preaching. The preacher was yelling that the ninety-nine percent need to stand up to the one percent that are gay.

Ryan got off his bike and confronted the man. “I’m gay,” Mr. Vance said, “say that to me.”

The preacher then retorted something unintelligible about God loving the ‘Mystery-Gay-Cyclist-Hero-Man’ as Mr. Vance is now known.

“I love me I don’t need a fucking god to do it,” Ryan said before being applauded by bystanders, mounting his bike and cycling away into the distance.



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