Irish Gay Disability Activist Paddy Smyth To Host New RTÉ Show 'The Fitting Room'

The show aims to break down barriers for disabled representation on television.

Disability activist Paddy Smyth posing in the RTÉ green room

Paddy Smyth, (who recently featured in the latest issue of GCN magazine) has been announced as the host of the new RTÉ fashion show The Fitting RoomThe disability activist, who also memorably appeared on First Dates Ireland, hailed the decision, stating: “They’re letting me, a gay disabled person, present a show about fashion. That would have been unheard of before!”

In the show, professional Irish fashion designers are paired with members of the public to solve genuine clothing conundrums. While fashion is a fun way to express your inner self, personality and determine how the outside world sees you, the show asks: what if you have an unusual body shape, are gender non-conforming or live with a disability?

In an interview with The Irish Sun, Paddy said: “The Fitting Room will feature people who are disabled, but also people who have just kind of lost their sense of style and want to revamp who they are. I’ll be with them through their journey to find out what they’re looking for, and learn about their story.”

He continued: “It’s about breaking that Instagram idea of one image fits all by showing viewers that you can be beautiful no matter what you look like.”

In his piece for GCN, Paddy spoke about how difficult the dating scene can be especially as it can be very image-based. He closed with an inspirational and quite unique piece of advice. “I’m speaking at an event for younger people with the theme ‘What advice would you give to your younger self?’. The advice I would give to my younger self would be to believe in myself more. And to not try so hard to fit in- to accept my own flag and fly it. And don’t be afraid not to be liked! Have the confidence in yourself to be okay with people not liking you.”

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