Gay First Dates Star Sleeps with Women, Hates Gays


A gay particpant on Channel 4’s First Dates has caused an kerfuffle by claiming that he sleeps with women because he “doesn’t like gay people”.


Linford Martin, currently Mr Leicestershire, was paired with ex-Shipwrecked hunk Xanthi Toupoyannis in this week’s episode of the popular dating show.

During the date at the Paternoster Chop House restaurant in London, Linford surprised viewers and Xanthi by saying that he “doesn’t like” gay people and that he wishes he was straight. “I’ve always wanted to be straight, even now I wish I was straight.”

He also added that he “gets a buzz” out of his straight friends encouraging him to sleep with girls.

Eventually the internalised homophobia became too much for Xanthi, who asked “What’s wrong with you?!” when Linford claimed that he disliked visiting gay bars because he gets hit on too much.

When Xanithi asked if he was wearindg make-up, Linford denied it, before admitting to using a “bit” of bronzer. “I am very insecure,” he admitted. “I think it has come from being gay. I think it is growing up and being bullied a lot. I was bullied at school. Just constant ‘gay boy gay boy’.”

Xanithi, was not a fan of Linford’s self-hating rhetoric, telling the confessional camera “I’m so comfortable. I feel to a certain extent he is still slightly closeted.”

“I want to have been in a relationship for two years, possibly three and then engaged for two so that’s the five-year plan,” he added.

Linford came under fire on social media for his comments but appeared unconcerned.


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