Gay Man Posts Defiant Blood Covered Selfie Following Homophobic Attack

Blair Wilson from Scotland posted a selfie of his face streaked with blood along with a defiant message to his attacker following a homophobic assault which happened in his hometown.

Blair Wilson smiling while taking a selfie after the homophobic attack

Blair Wilson’s defiant selfie has inspired hundreds of messages of support along with words of solidarity from people around the globe. Blair was attacked whilst walking down the street of his small Scottish village when he retaliated against homophobic heckling.

After responding to shouts of “faggot” by confronting his abuser and calling him “hen” – a Scottish slang term which means woman or young girl, the attacker punched Blair in the face, the blow leaving him with a wound on his nose and drawing blood. Blair was able to escape further injury and took a smiling selfie to show his defiance in the face of abuse.

He shared the image along with some strong words, posting “To the wee cunt that called me a faggot across the main street then tried to attack me when I called him ‘hen’ we aw [sic – meaning ‘all’] know who you are and you will get what’s coming to you—Trust it to be someone insecure with his own sexuality trying to take it out on someone secure in himself. Wish you well.”

Blair Wilson selfie he shared on Facebook after the attack

Blair reported the attack to the authorities who are now investigating the incident. He spoke to his local newspaper, the Barrhead News, about his decision to share the attack. “I did use some choice words in the post, but the message I wanted to get across is you need to stick up for yourself. Maybe don’t go getting yourself hurt, but show them you have friends, you are loved.”

He continued, “I knew, as soon as it happened, that I could either keep quiet and feel embarrassed about it or I could shame him over Facebook.”

The post struck a chord worldwide with many who appreciated his actions. One social media commenter said, “This made me smile. Rise above hatred and fear! I admire you so much and hope to have your bravery if ever confronted like this”

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