Gay Man Sues NYPD For $25m After Alleged Homophobic Beating


A gay man in New York City says that he was left with broken ribs after police attacked him and called him “a faggot”.


Louis Falcone, 30, said that four police officers attacked him “without justification” kicking him to the ground and shouted “get up faggot”.

The police in question were responding to a noise complaint at Falcone’s home in Staten Island. The alleged victim had gotten into a verbal argument with his brother, who had left by the time police arrived at the scene. Falcone then said that police “yanked” him out of his home without just cause, and beat him while shouting homophobic slurs and threatening to kill his dog.

“They said come outside now. And then my dog started barking, my pup, he started barking and the cop said, ‘Shut that dog up or I’ll kill it,'” Falcone said, speaking at his attorney’s office yesterday.

“They picked me up and threw me, body slammed me into the grass in front of the house and that’s when they started piling on top of me.”

Falcone added that the police then “beat him, standing on [his[ already injured foot, stomping on [his] head and pushing [his] face into the dirt.” A video taken by a neighbour captured the altercation.

A spokesperson from NYPD denied the claims, and said, “When police arrived they determined that Falcone was punched in the face by his brother who fled the scene. Falcone was acting irrational and spit in a (police officer’s) face while he was being taken into custody.”

Falcone said that he did not at any point spit in the officers face, and is suing NYPD for $25m, citing police brutality and excessive force.

“I’m disturbed. I’m disturbed as a person, as a gay man, as a human being to see this happen to somebody, even if it wasn’t me,” he said. “I’ve always supported the NYPD, I have friends who are officers. After this I feel like I’ve lost faith in them, I really have. I don’t feel safe on these streets, especially with these guys thinking they can do whatever they want,” Falcone said.


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