Gay son of Straight Pride organiser calls on city to reject the event

Matthew Mason who is the son of one of the organisers of Modesto Straight Pride has said that the event has the potential to lead to violence.

Matthew Mason, the son of a Modesto Straight pride organiser

A US-based group calling itself the National Straight Pride Coalition made a proposal to hold a Straight Pride event but the gay son of one of the organisers is calling for it not to go ahead.

The organisers made an application to have the event in the Californian city of Modesto on August 24.

Unlike the Boston event which aims to represent the “oppressed majority,” Modesto Straight Pride takes a more overt approach to right-wing stances on social issues. It promotes itself as a celebration of heterosexuality in addition to “Western civilization,” “Christianity” and “babies- born and unborn.”

The community and media relations officer for Modesto spoke to The Los Angeles Times confirming that the National Straight Pride Coalition (NSPC) had applied for a permit to host the event.

The website of the NSPC aims to protect “Caucasians” who they describe as being “the biological majority of the historical developers and founders of Western Civilization.”

The group warns that “current and future generations” face the threat of “being destroyed by the inherent malevolence of the Homosexual Movement.” 

Gay man Matthew Mason is the adoptive son of Mylinda Mason, one of the event’s organisers, is asking the city of Modesto to reject the application to hold Straight Pride.

Matthew who is estranged from Mylinda spoke to local publication The Modesto Bee and said:

“This isn’t Straight Pride. This is Hate Pride.” Matthew has said that he believes in free speech but fears that the event will lead to violence.

California State Senator Scott Wiener on Twitter was critical of the event leaflets that were distributed:

“Last I checked, Straight Pride is 364 days a year. I guess one day a year for LGBT Pride sends these people over the edge.”

Mylinda Mason and co-organiser Don Grundmann who unsuccessfully ran for the US Senate invited the Proud Boys group which has been described by the FBI as “an extremist group with ties to white nationalism.”

Although the Proud Boys reached out to the Californian publication to say they wouldn’t be at Modesto’s event, Matthew Mason said that the fact that the right-wing group were invited shows the spirit of the event and the potential for violence.

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