The Best Of GAZE Dublin International Film Festival 2017

The 25th GAZE International Dublin Film Festival kicks off at The Light House Cinema on Thursday, August 8. Being a bunch of film buffs, we each picked the film we most want to see this year. We hope it helps you make your choices!

GAZE Film Festival

Brian’s Pick:

The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin

Monday August 7: Screen 1: 5.30pm

I discovered Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City in Sligo Library when I was 18, and it made me not only excited to be gay and on the cusp of a whole new world, it also made me want to write. I’ve read everything he’s ever written since then, and he’s been a strong influence on my own novels.

I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Armistead a few years ago in Dublin, and I learned a lot about his life that I hadn’t known before. This documentary promises to give even more insight into a life less ordinary, tracing Maupin’s conservative Southern background and his journey via Vietnam and 70s San Francisco to becoming one of the world’s most beloved authors.

Lisa’s Pick:

The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

Sunday August 6: Screen 2: 6.30pm

Marsha “Pay it no mind” Johnson was a queer hero and mother of the LGBT+, liberation movement, who was found dead in suspicious circumstances in 1992. I’m so happy this documentary, which celebrates her life and investigates her death, will be showing at GAZE. We all need to know more about Marsha. She dedicated her life to helping trans youth, sex workers and poor queers. HERO.


Ciara’s Pick:

The Crying Game

Friday August 4: Screen 1: 10.30pm

The movie I am most excited for seeing at this year’s GAZE festival is an old one, and one that will be controversial for some: Neil Jordan’s The Crying Game. After reading an exceptionally insightful piece by Toryn Glavin in this month’s GCN, which suggested that the film, despite its flaws has “more than a ring of trans truth,” I am eager to rewatch it with a newly-updated perspective.


Aidan’s Pick

Tom of Finland

Saturday August 5: Screen 1: 8.30pm

Tom of Finland Film

After last year’s Viva winning the Audience Award in GAZE, I’d find it hard to imagine that an Irish film could top that this year. That’s why I’m choosing the Finnish film, Tom of Finland as my pick of this year’s GAZE. Of course, I’m familiar with the iconic, hyper-masculine drawings from Finnish artist Tuoko Laaksonen, but I don’t know much about Laasksonen himself or what led to his art becoming a part of LGBT+ history. Colour me excited, Tom!



GCN Aoife

Aoife’s Pick:


Friday August 4: Screen 1: 4.30pm

The film I’d most like to see at Gaze has to be AWOL, really just to see Lola Kirke. I’ve been a fan of hers ever since her star turn in dream-team Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach’s Mistress America. She’s has a hypnotic on-screen presence that’s so watchable, likeable and interesting that you can’t help but want to see whatever she’s working on next. I’m not one for the old ‘small-town-lesbian-falls-in-love-with-small-town-housewife-only-to-be-met-with-eventual-tragedy’ in films (honestly, this should be a genre of its own), but the combination of Kirke and Breeda Wool looks terrific. I’m really looking forward to seeing it.


Catherine Rutter

Catherine’s Pick:

The Fabulous Allan Carr

Friday August 4: Screen 2: 6.30pm

Allan Carr

I love seeing almost every film genre on the big screen so a documentary about a Hollywood impresario and agent of the 70’s and 80’s famed for excessive parties, fabulous friends and clients ticks all my boxes. And Grease, which Allan Carr produced, is my dirty secret favourite film.


Stefano Pappalardo

Stefano’s Pick:

The 34th

Thursday August 3: Screen 1: 8pm

I was involved in the Yes Equality campaign and I remember it being such an emotional time for me, my partner and pretty much everyone I know. Being engaged and living in Ireland for ten years at the time of the referendum, the Yes vote really meant a lot to me, especially since in my own country, Italy, marriages between same-sex couples are still not legally recognised. It was such a historic event that I would love to see the story lead to the moment that changed Ireland for the better.

GAZE, The International LGBT Film Festival Dublin runs at The Light House Cinema from August 3 to 7, visit for the full programme. 

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