Gender Recognition To Be Debated In Dáil Eireann


This afternoon (May 9), gender recognition legislation will be discussed in Dáil Eireann for the first time in history.


Today at 12 noon, Dáil Eireann will debate the Gender Recognition Scheme, marking a historic day for trans rights in Ireland.

In July 2013, Minister Joan Burton launched the Draft Heads for the Gender Recognition Bill 2013.  This legislation has been developed as a result of the previous government being declared in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights after it failed to recognise Dr Lydia Foy in her female gender, or provide her with a new birth certificate.

In October 2013, the Committee on Education and Social Protection held two-days of hearings to review the General Scheme of Gender Recognition Bill 2013. In January of this year, the Committee published the report of its findings and made recommendations for improving the legislation.

Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) urge the Government to adopt the recommendations made in the Committee’s report.

“I am hopeful that this discussion will be robust and fruitful and may well result in tangible changes in the legislation that will benefit the transgender community,” said TENI Chief Executive Broden Giambrone.

“This is a very important moment in the history of trans rights in Ireland, and it is something to be celebrated. Now is the time to make the real changes. Changes which will have a full and affirming effect on the lives of trans people and their families in Ireland.”


You can live stream the debate HERE from 12:00PM, May 9.

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