'Genderquake' - The Non-Binary Big Brother

Channel 4's new reality TV show 'Genderquake' gathers together young people all across the gender spectrum to live together in one house.

The line-up of 11 young people who appear in Genderquake

In a more socially aware version of ‘Big Brother’, ‘Genderquake’ takes 11 young people of different gender identities and sexuality and puts them together in a house in the countryside for a week. ‘Genderquake’ is part of a series of programmes Channel 4 has planned looking at gender, and judging by early reviews it seems the reception has been quite positive.

The group includes trans females Charley and Brooke, trans man Romario, gender fluid Phoenix, gay man Markus, non binary Saffron and straight cisgendered male Tom and female Filomena. Not only does it depict their relationships with each other, but how they are treated by the local people who live in the nearby town.  

The makers hoped putting the young people in a group environment would encourage discussion on issues of gender fluidity and sexuality not only amongst the youths themselves but also those viewing the show at home.

They’ll follow the programme with ‘Genderquake: The Debate’, a panel show where guests, such as model and activist Munroe Bergdorf and Caitlyn Jenner amongst others, will discuss what gender means in 2018. Topics will include: what defines gender identity, how that affects a person’s rights, should it be easier for someone to change their gender and if gender actually matters anyway.

Monroe Bergdorf, who was the first transgender model in the UK for L’Oréal, will appear once again in the series of programmes as part of her documentary ‘What Makes A Woman’, where she examines the changing world of gender and identity in modern society and her own part in it.

The second part of ‘Genderquake’ screens tonight, the show will then be available to watch on Channel 4’s online website – All4.

RTÉ 2 recently announced plans for its own show looking at gender identity, with ‘My Trans Life’, a look at a group of young trans people on their journey to transition, which will screen on 17 May.

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