George Clooney: 'I Played Batman Gay'


Hollywood royalty George Clooney told Barbara Walters “Batman is gay” in an interview on an American Oscar show.


George Clooney as Batman

In response to being asked if he would ever play a gay cowboy, Clooney said he had already played a gay character, “I could have played Batman straight, but I made him gay. I was in a rubber suit and I had rubber nipples”.

The 53 year-old actor played Batman in 1997’s film Batman & Robin, directed by Joel Schumacher, who had previously received praise from gay groups for giving Batman Forever star Val Kilmer “pert nipples, tight buttocks and and inflatable codpieces”.

This latest revelation therefore is sure to please Batman – and Clooney’s – inquisitive gay following, who have debated the characters sexuality since 1954, when psychiatrist Fredric Wetham told that Batman’s close relationship with Robin was sexual, saying, “Sometimes they are shown on a couch, Bruce reclining and Dick sitting next to him, jacket off, collar open and his hand on his friend’s arm”.

“They live in sumptuous quarters, with beautiful flowers in large vases”. Well…that confirms it for sure.


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