The George Gets A Stunning Face Lift

A beautiful mural rendered in vinyl has been put up on one of Dublin's most beloved gay bars, The George, by artist Josh McKenna.


One of Dublin’s best known gay bars, The George, has had a stunning facelift with the work of illustrator and artist Josh McKenna.

You may recognise McKenna’s work, his minimal but voluptuous designs have featured on Instagram, Vogue, Mr Porter to name but a few.

The exterior of The George has gone from an inconspicuous bar to one that celebraties queerness.

Dublin based artist Will St Leger welcomed the positive visible changes saying: ‘Since the marriage referendum The George Bar has seen some positive visible changes, starting with reopening of previously bricked up windows on the side laneway and now transforming the outside with designs by Josh McKenna.’

The new colourful facade of The George is an out and proud celebration of queer culture.

Twitter users have welcomed the fabulous update to George’s exterior with some even calling for the lane that connects The George and Dublin Castle to be painted a yellow brick road.

You can see more of Josh’s work on his website.

Moving Towards Full Acceptance

On February, 24 year-old Eoin Berkeley was cleared of all charges for the homophobic vandalisation of the George.

He pleaded not guilty to causing criminal damage through the use of chalk graffiti on the facade of the George Bar on May 20th last year.

Berkeley was accused of drawing a Nazi swastika alongside the words “Faggots out, faggot, faggot bar, homo fag”.

Speaking after the event, manager of The George Darragh Flynn said that the chalk daubings were the first incident of vandalism since 2015’s referendum.

“Before the referendum, our windows at the front would get broken on a regular basis, but since the referendum that hasn’t happened,” said Flynn.

“Things are getting better. It’s not an overnight change, it’s a gradual change, but I believe we are moving towards full acceptance. It will maybe take a generation but it’s getting better.”


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