Get In The Know About Your Sexual Health


With increasing rates of new STIs being reported across the country every month, knowledge about how to stay safe is more important now than ever. Luckily, a new, free sexual health programme, In the Know, starting on May 20 offers fun, judgement-free education.


In The Know was founded by sexual health advocate and BeLonG To co-ordinator Sean Frayne in 2011 after discovering that HIV infections had risen 33% that year. Freyne wanted to help target the most at-risk group: young GBT men.

“I wanted to provide a space where the most at-risk group (17 – 24 year old GBT men) could voice their worries and talk about the issues they feel they can’t talk about in their day to day lives,” says Frayne, who received the Noel Walsh HIV Campaigner Award at the 2015 GALAs for his work developing In The Know.

“We live in a society that expects us to know the answers without actually providing us with any education on the subject. I wanted to tackle this stigma head on and help reduce the rate of infection.” In the Know arms young men with the tools they need to protect themselves with topics such as: STI/HIV transmission, healthy relationships, safe-sex, drugs and alcohol, consent and trans sexual health.

Frayne promises that participants will have the opportunity to broaden their sexual health knowledge in a fun, engaging and judgement free enviroment. “Ireland is still having sex with the lights off. People are afraid of getting tested for fear of what the answer will be. One of the key rules in In The Know is: don’t hold back. If you don’t ask a question because you feel you should already know the answer to it, ask anyway!”

The next round of In The Know begins Saturday 20th of May at 2pm in the BeLonG To, Parliament Street and runs for 5 weeks. To book your place call 01-670 6223 or email [email protected]

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