A 'Girls' Character Just Came Out as Gay


A character from Lena Dunham’s Girls came out last night in quite spectacular fashion.


Tad Horvath – Hannah’s father – had been attending marriage counselling with his wife, Loreen. She had deemed the therapy a success until he dropped a bombshell.

“I’ve been thinking lately that I’m… that I’m gay. And not lately, actually. For a while.”


At first, Loreen doesn’t believe him and accuses him of trying to steal her spotlight because she got tenure before him.

The character – played by Peter Scolari – insists it’s not about her.

“It’s not not about me, Tad. It’s not not,” she retorts. Because she’s a terrible person.

The rest of the episode entails Loreen attempting to come to terms with her husband’s newly revealed sexuality and understanding what that means for them.

Loreen questions his seriousness in this, how he knows for sure that he is gay.

He responds by telling her, “I watch a lot of gay porno.”

Loreen had promised Tad that she wouldn’t reveal his sexuality to Hannah but then, of course, she does, with spite and vitriol.

It refers back to a scene from season one of Girls which seemed unrelated and untrue at the time. Scolari had absent-mindedly left a stud earring in his ear when filming a scene. Andrew Rannells (Elijah) found the earring hilarious, so he eventually ad-libbed that “your dad is gay” line.

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