Graham Linehan calls for list of Irish 'gender critical' therapists for trans children

Graham Linehan has shown support for a list of 'gender critical' therapists for transgender children, which has been compared to 'conversion therapy'.

Graham Linehan with his hands up and looking confused

Graham Linehan is assisting a psychotherapist in compiling a list of Irish ‘gender critical’ therapists for parents with transgender children.  

The term ‘gender critical’ has been used as an identifier for people who refuse to acknowledge trans identities and view trans rights as an “extreme gender ideology.” On Twitter, Linehan posted, “Some assistance required! The extremely awesome @stellaomalley3 is trying to assemble a list of Irish gender critical therapists as a resource for parents. Can anyone help? DM either of us if you need to keep out of sight of Wokeus Dei.”

Due to the lack of legislative protection, both the call for therapists and Linehan’s support, (he has consistently spoken out against trans people), have been met with backlash. One person responded to Linehan’s Tweet with, “For anyone reading who is on the fence, I’m a therapist and I strongly advise against ‘gender critical’ therapy, as I would advise against well-known ‘conversion’ therapy’.”

The intention behind the list of therapists has been compared to ‘conversion therapy’. In Ireland, there is currently no legislation which outright bans the practice. During May 2018, the Prohibition of Conversion Therapies Bill passed into the second stage of the Seanad, however it has not been brought forward yet. 

Psychotherapist and public speaker, Stella O’Malley, aims to create a list of therapists for parents with transgender children. She has previously written a chapter for the anti-trans book Inventing Transgender Children, which portrays  transgender people as an ideology and ‘dangerous’. After Linehan showed his support, she posted, “I hate the phrase gender critical but I am making a list! A large number of people contact me seeking help and I don’t know enough Irish therapists who can provide compassionate and nuanced therapy.”

Responding to O’Malley, one person highlighted the dangerous undercurrents beneath the idea for a list, “This is very serious. ‘Compassionate and nuanced therapy’ = convincing your child they’re not trans = conversion therapy. Maybe just love and support your kid for who they are. It’s not f***ing hard.”

O’Malley’s Tweet has been met with numerous comments calling out the cruel practice of ‘conversion therapy’. One person stated, “Gender critical therapy is conversion therapy. Say it as it is.”

Another person responded with, “Would love this list, please make it! So I know what therapists to avoid!”

Since Graham Linehan has voiced his support for the list of therapists, people have been calling on Twitter to remove him from the social media platform. However, his account still remains active.

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