It's "heartbreaking" that gays judge camp men


Graham Norton has hit out at gay people who judge others for being camp


The TV presenter was speaking to Winq magazine, after being named their person of the year.

The chat show host says he was “repulsed” by the way gay people looked down on camp men – and as a child feared he would face the same treatment.

“I was a child, I couldn’t have articulated all this then. It strikes me now that accepting being camp is a much bigger thing than accepting being gay. But I think I have accepted it now. There is a weird self-loathing in the gay community, but I think things are changing.

“As gays and straights mix together more and the world becomes much more homogenised. We’re going to become less defined by our sexuality. Will camp still be a thing? I don’t know. Occasionally you’ll find a camp person who’s annoying, but then you’ll find a butch person who’s annoying, for different reasons. You know, the people who are trying too hard. It’s like, ‘alright, alright, we get it,’ he said.

During the interview, he also spoke about the marriage referendum. He said: “I think in a way people saw the yes vote as a pro-gay thing, but I think more than that, it was a rejection of the Church. It was people in Ireland flexing their muscles and saying, ‘No, we are mature adults and we can make decisions about things and whenever in the past we listened to the Catholic Church, it didn’t work out so well!’

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