Grindr Considering HIV Filter In Upcoming Version

Grindr HIV filter on a guys phone which he is holding up over his laptop

Grindr users have reported being offered a survey to discover if they would like to see the inclusion of a HIV filter incorporated into the app


Popular gay dating app Grindr has reportedly been asking users to participate in a survey that asks questions about their HIV status and whether they would be interested in having a filter for users based upon this piece of information.



This practice of sero-sorting is not new with options to disclose HIV status already available on Grindr and other gay dating apps.

However blogger Daniel Reeders thinks that Grindr needs to leave this idea for a HIV filter. He feels that provisioning for this would effectively “quarantine” people living with the virus.

“Grindr needs to cut this out,” Reeders implores. “Right now. We are living in an era of effective prevention medication,” such as the as-of-yet-unavailable-in Ireland PrEP.

“We should not be reinforcing categories that are used in less effective strategies for prevention.”

While apps like Grindr incorporate HIV status into their functionality, other apps like Poz created by Andrew Goyvaerts from Cork offer a dating platform for HIV positive people where they will not face discrimination based on their status.



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