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I know how you feel. It’s not quite the weekend. It’s cold. You need something to take your mind off how little work you’ve gotten done. So, let me run through some of my favourite celebrity stories from the last few days to take your mind of all things “not the weekend”.


Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson are Classier Than You or I Will Ever Be

Not content with being an acting powerhouse for decades Meryl’s clearly got even more talent than we’d ever known. At The National Board of Review Awards in New York Meryl introduced Emma Thompson’s win  for Saving Mr Banks with a speech that nailed Disney’s sexist origins while still being classy as all get out. She even wrote a poem about Emma. Then Emma made her speech and it was also amazing. Vanity Fair have the full text of both. Once you’ve read you’ll wish you were related to either or both of them.

Cara and Michelle Cosying Up Will Make Your Week

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Whether you’re a fan of model/Instagram star/tabloid Cara Delevingne or not her messing around with queer pin-up Michelle Rodigruez at a basketball game is sort of brilliant. Sure there’s the homoerotic fun of them swapping kisses but it’s also just hilarious how they clearly were not bothered watching the sport at all. We grabbed all the pics for you earlier this week so give this a look and reconsider the basketball game as a hot date destination.


Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland Turn Karaoke Into Something Special

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Far be it from me to resort to hyperbole but if this isn’t one of THE BEST STORIES OF 2014 already than I’ll be shocked. Love B.Scott has the scoop on how a couple of friends were singing a Beyoncé tune at karaoke when Bey herself popped in with Kelly Rowland to help out and take pictures with them. The best bit though is that one of their friends was asleep the whole time. Even when Beyoncé arrived. Can you imagine how raging she was when she woke up?

Harry Styles Popped Out To The Shops

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This picture of Harry Styles posing with fans in US supermarket chain Walgreens flew around on Twitter all week. You may think it’s fairly ordinary but I’m fascinated for two reasons. Firstly, surely the whole point of being a famous popstar is having to avoid mundane things like going to the shops? And also, given how overly air conditioned most of these places are would Harry not be freezing with his shirt wide open like that? Honestly.

SJP Is Ready For More Sex

I’m sorry, the sex headline was too good to pass up. Sarah Jessica Parker hinted to InStyle magazine this week that there could be more stories to tell. As E! Online notes SJP said “A part of me thinks there is one last chapter to tell”. Hopefully it will be entertaining and fun and erase the bad taste the second film left in my people’s mouths. I scribbled some words for Buzzfeed’s Community section on how they could make a not awful third film if you’re interested.

Shangela Is Still Werking

via @ItsShangela

Not content with being one of the most prolific queens to come from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Shangela has set up her own agency to handle the bookings for LGBT entertainers. The lineup right is quite small but an interesting selection of names. As ever, Shangela’s ambition is commendable but the image she’s chosen to promote is not the look. We don’t know what drag lingo for “That Photoshop work is pretty rough, girl” but if knew it we would definitely say it. Hunty.

Hayley Cropper R.I.P.

via @JeremyJoseph
via @JeremyJoseph

The soon-to-be-screened death of Coronation Street’s Hayley Cropper will no doubt leave legions of soap fans in tears. The Outmost’s Alan Lambert wrote this piece on how important her character is when it comes to trans issues represented on screen. Meanwhile, G-A-Y club promote Jeremy Joseph tweeted about plans for the well known gay club night to remember Hayley Crooper including an appearance from Julie Hesmondhalgh who plays the character. We’re emotional just thinking about it.


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