HIV+ Guys Respond To Mean Grindr Messages


Buzzfeed asks HIV+ men to respond to hurtful messages sent on gay dating apps.


A group of HIV+ men combat stigma around HIV/Aids by addressing some awful real life messages that were sent over gay dating apps. The men involved are models for the HIV Stripped Bare campaign by FS Magazine, aimed at “exposing the stigma” around HIV.

FS surveyed over 250 HIV+ gay men about their experiences, and 96% admitted to feeling stigmatised for their HIV status.

“For most HIV-positive men in Britain the problems we face are societal rather than medical,” says Tom Hayes, editor of beyondpositive.

“For example, I was diagnosed three years ago, I’m on treatment and I’m undetectable and stable. Sorted. Unfortunately, as a publicly out and positive gay man, I still face stigma and sometimes abuse when it comes to my HIV status. I’ve been called all sorts of names and heard rumours that would make your toes curl. This can be incredibly damaging.”


Watch these men respond to some hurtful, ignorant messages they receive on dating apps.

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