HIV Positive People Don't Have To Declare Status With New Policy

Emerald Life, an insurance provider who serves under-represented and under-insured populations, has created a new policy in an effort to end the stigma surrounding HIV Positive people.

HIV Positive people don't have to declare status

An insurance company in the United Kingdom has created a new policy for HIV Positive people. The LGBT+ friendly company, Emerald Life, announced a new policy that states people with HIV do not need to disclose it as a pre-existing medical condition. However, this is only on the condition that the individual is on stable anti-viral medication and an undetectable viral load.

Doctors and medical personnel agree that people living with HIV who have an undetectable viral load can live a healthy life with a normal lifespan if they comply with treatment.

Steve Wardlow, the chairman of Emerald Life, told Gay Star News: “Emerald is very proud to introduce this revolutionary, game-changing travel insurance. The insurance industry and the UK as a whole need to wake up and become more familiar with the recent advances in HIV treatment.

“People living with HIV can suffer high levels of alienation that can stop them from taking basic precautions like travel insurance when they go abroad. Everyone should be able to insure themselves with a respectful customer journey, without fear of stigma or discrimination.”

Emerald Life launched in 2016. Since then, they have not raised the premiums for people living with HIV. Now, they are removing the need for people to declare their status altogether. The company is the first insurance provider in the UK to allow Mx as a gender-neutral title, include discrimination coverage in wedding and travel policies and re-define a family to include surrogate children.

The new policy is a welcome change for many as it is an effort to end the stigma surrounding HIV Positive people.

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“It will allow people with HIV to travel, for business and pleasure, with the same security as others,” Matthew Hodson, Chief Executive of HIV information service NAM, told Gay Star News.

Emerald Life partners with a variety of organisations such as Positive East, Stonewall, Human Dignity Trust, Diversity Role Models and The Albert Kennedy Trust to promote mentoring and funding.

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