A Homophobic Letter Was Delivered Under Someone's Door. You Won't Believe What It Says

a letter posted under someone's door

A homophobic letter was delivered under someones door and you won’t believe some of the things it is stating as ‘fact’


We recently received a copy of a letter which declares that “The Homosexual Referendum saw the first Information Prohibition on anything Against the Government”.

The letter indicates the six heavily homophobic and wildly inaccurate ‘reasons’ (according to the author at least) that the same-sex marriage referendum vote should have gone the other way.

The preamble tells the world that “politicians preferred you not to know anything on this page… and so the referendum spend ratio was 150:1 in favour of the government,” before going on to compare the government to Hitler!

Item one, indicates that “homosexuals have the worst child abuse record in history” explaining that gymnasium actually means a “place for unclothed boys.” Actually, gymnasium comes from the Greek gumnazein which means ‘exercise naked’.

“The human body was not designed for homosexuality,” the letter continues. “This impels homosexuals to use two drugs – one for the body, the other for the mind.” Although the author doesn’t explain which drugs homosexuals are impelled to use, they do elaborate on this: “It means a Constitutional right to use drugs for drivers, airline pilots, teachers politicians, nuclear force commanders, judges, burglars and attackers – anyone, as long as they say they are or might be homosexual.”

But the absolute best point (and most well researched) is the assertion that all Irish homosexuality heroes are teachers who are calling for the legalisation of sexual relations with children.

Check out the image below for the full six items of interest.


Homophobic letter compares the yes vote campaign and Irish government to Hitler
Well that’s one way to mark the Yes vote anniversary. Has anyone got a pinch of reality for the author?



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