Homophobic Racist Responds To Pagan Ireland's 'Fuck Off'

Homophobic racist writing a blog on a laptop in reply to Pagan Federation Ireland

An Odinist in America told by the Pagan Federation Ireland to ‘Fuck Off’ takes to her blog to explain why she wanted to be married by seomone who doesn’t perform same-sex or mixed-race marriages


Sarah Fenner from Michigan has taken to a blog to vent about the reply she received from the Pagan Federation Ireland (PFI).

Originally, Sarah had reached out to the PFI to ask about clergy to perform her wedding.

“Hello, my fiancé and I are currently planning a trip to Ireland (from the US) next June of 2017 to get married and honeymoon for three weeks.

“We are Odinists and would like an Odinist or similar minded clergy to marry us.”


PFI’s Reply

But this is where things get a little less savoury. Sarah specifies: “We would prefer to find someone who only performs heterosexual ceremonies and refrains from marrying those of mixed races.”

The reply from the PFI was pithy: “We are most happy to report that none of our clergy subscribe to your views on mixed race or gay marriage, and so we cannot assist you in your upcoming visit to Ireland.”

The PFI finished the reply: “Fuck off. Yours very sincerely, Everyone at Pagan Federation Ireland.”


Pagan Ireland's original reply


Sarah’s Blog

Sarah has since posted on a a blog with the title “I was just asking a question…” The blog post goes into great detail about her backstory. Try and ignore Sarah’s misuse of punctuation and capitalisation.

“im from flint, michigan…it was pretty dangerous for a single white girl to go to the straight clubs…and one of my best friends from high school was gay, so i started going to the gay bars in flint when i turned 18”

“i met some of the best people i have ever known then and had a lovely and fun circle of friends, most of them gay, a few of us straight, but we all loved each other immensely”


Acid and Pot

Here’s where things get interesting. Sarah was raised a Christian, but to shed herself of the shame that Christianity’s teachings of inherent sin, she deprogrammed her mind.

“i was conscious and deliberate in my methods, using acid and pot to get in touch with other parts of my mind, drinking, partying, getting fired from jobs left and right, having loads of fun while simultaneously being incredibly miserable.”

But after Sarah lost a friend, she turned to meditation to escape the trials of her life.


White Genocide

Now Sarah professes that she is awake to “white genocide” which her fiancé helped her to recognise. In reply to the PFI response she received, Sarah explains that she felt vilified.

“hundreds of thousands of people get to decide what i am based on five sentences asking for information. suddenly, im an evil homophobic racist, a toothless redneck, an embarrassment to americans and odinists alike.”

Sarah explains later in the post her reasoning for not wanting a clergy member who performs mixed race marriages.

“i want to know that i have done everything i can to save the endangered white race, and to me, that means not giving money to someone who performs mixed race marriages.”


Homosexuality As A Disability

Sarah’s views on marriage are rooted in tradition:

“traditionally speaking, marriage is the joining of a man and a woman. not two men, not two women.  i love my gay friends, but i have no desire to see them get “married“.  i dont understand why they want to appropriate a heterosexual tradition.”

Well, Sarah there are a lot of traditions that don’t make sense in a modern environment.

“i see homosexuality as a disability based on a lack of or an overabundance of testosterone or estrogen. that doesnt mean i hate gay people. but i dont understand why i have to act like its natural or normal when it flat out is not.”


Mixed Races

On the subject of mixed race couples being allowed to marry, Sarah is unapologetic.

“as for the mixed races getting married and not supporting it goes, yes, thats true that in most people’s perspectives, that makes me a racist. i have no problem being called a racist.

“i know the truth about myself. i dont need validation from others to know whether or not im a racist. personally, i dont really care what they think. i have every right to feel the way i do about other races.”


You can check out the full blog post here, replete with images that add very little to the post.

We’ve got to wonder if Sarah will find someone to perform her wedding in Ireland, or if she’ll have to import someone who shares her views to help her “ensure [white people’s] survival and secure a future for our children.”


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