“I’m sexually ‘fluid’,” says ANTM contestant, Nyle DiMarco.

Nyle DiMarco

Frontrunner in the current cycle of America’s Next Top Model, Nyle DiMarco has come out as ‘fluid’.


Asked by a fan on Twitter whether he is into boys or girls, the hunk answered with one word – “fluid”, and provided a link to an article on Everyday Feminism for further explanation. (Who knew? There’s brains beneath that beauty!)

According to the article, ‘fluid’ people are “either always attracted to more than one gender, or feel that their attraction may shift depending on factors like time, intimacy, with certain partners, changes in hormone levels, and so forth”.

We’re smizing for the lovely Nyle, who also happens to be the first deaf contestant on ANTM. Here are a few of our favourite things about him!










DiMarco Nyle


















Nyle DiMarco









Nyle DiMarco

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