The 11 Best Posts From This Hilarious Gay Instagram Parody Account

The LA Basics is the brilliant new Instagram account featuring Ken dolls that will have you howling with laughter

Three ken dolls in front of a picturesque sunset from the instagram parody account that is hitting the nail on the head

“You guys! The sunset is too gorge today. Our rich friend Brodie has the best view in the Hollywood Hills #photoshoot #goodlighting

The LA Basics is a brand new Instagram account that is taking everything Instagrammers hold dear and making it into one super gay, Ken doll filled mockery that is sure to light up your Friday!

With the social media platform’s active users doubling in the last two years to a tidy 700 million, it is the place to be for aspiring social media influencers and bloggers and none more-so than gay Instagrammers.

But it appears to be reaching the saturation point for product placement and lifestyle/fashion bloggers who are aiming to take a piece of the pie by posting perfectly staged and, dare we say it, basic photos of themselves on the platform.


Basic Bitch

Enter The LA Basics.

The account, which first posted at the end of August, has gained some eight thousand followers by capturing the spirit of these hustling, gay pretty boys.

Its signature recipe is to make fun of the famous Instagrammers (who may or may not light up your Insta feed, no judgment).

The star of the LA Basics show is a “part-time model, aspiring actor, fashion blogger, gym enthusiast” who just happens to be a Ken doll in various poses, locations, and degrees of undress.

The LA Basics’ photos are filled with groomed hair, stylish clothes, abs to kill and the posts themselves are crafted with a wry, self-aware humour that Irish gays possess in spades making it laugh out loud funny, even from this side of the pond.


Top 11 LA Basics Posts

Without further ado, here are the top 11 LA Basics posts that really do capture the spirit of Instagays to a tee.


The Dog Pic

What famous Instagrammers account would be complete without a cute pic holding a pup? And what pooch more pretty than the French Bulldog?


The Transformation Pic

With mounting body image pressure on guys, LA Basics takes a little dig at the Adonis figures we’re bombarded with on social media. But don’t worry, LA Basics transformation is all natural, guys!


The Underwear Pic

Hardly a day goes by on my own Insta feed without somebody promoting the new underwear that they just got from one of those monthly clubs. LA Basics is on fire here!

They’ve even provided the cute little code so all their followers can avail of a sweet 20% discount. Thanks LA B!


The Pool Pic

What kind of life are you even living if you’re not floating around on a giant inflatable swan? Just saying…


The Product Placement Pic

Ok, there’s definitely more than a few product placements on big Instagrammers profiles, but this expensive car one takes the cake.

New legislation might require celebs like Kim K to declare their promotional content, but LA B is playing by a whole different rulebook!


The Sassy Icon Pic

Ms Swift’s latest music video has been divisive, but there’s no doubt which side LA B is on. SSSSssssss ?!


The Even Sassier Icon Pic

What God fearing gay doesn’t celebrate Her birthday in true diva style? All hail Queen Bey!


The Landscape Selfie

“Nature is so beautiful. Look at this gorgeous view!” Oh, and the beach is nice too.


The Masc Pic

Who doesn’t love a little face mask? But, like, totes masc though.


The Everybody Wants To Be Me Pic

Impersonation is a big risk when you’re a famous gay Instagrammer it would seem. #getyourownlife


The Balloon Pic

What kind of Instagrammer would you be if you didn’t thank your followers with a golden balloon pic. It’s now just common courtesy!


Extra points for LA B gettting their “dear friend” Gretchen Wieners on board and the on-point hashtagging!


There’s tonnes more on The LA Basics’ account. What’s your favorite post?

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