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Australian born composer Jane Arnison slows things down and pulls at the heart strings on her new EP ‘Remedy In Motion’ from her solo side-project ATMA.


ATMA aka Jane Arnison of Kool Thing fame, opens up to The Outmost about her first solo EP, moving to Berlin, working through heartbreak and her plans for the future.


‘Remedy in Motion’ is a very personal collection of songs. What was your state of mind while writing it?

The EP I wrote at a really hard point in my life. My relationship had broken down, I broke down, and really all I could do to make it through the days was to play my guitar in my room. It was the best therapy ever! It really helped me to experience the pain, to try and understand what had happened and ultimately find a way through it.


What made you decide to release music on your own?

This was never a conscious decision to start a solo project, it just kind of happened. After I finished recording the demos, I went to India for a while and got my shit together – then at some point I listened to the songs again and felt that, more than just being the warblings of the broken hearted, they actually had some merit  – and so deserved to be heard. So this is really how it came about.


Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 14.23.39What are the challenges, or perks, of working alone rather than in a band?

Working alone is great in the sense that I don’t need to rely on anyone else. I am a bit of a loner and, especially when it comes to music, I can get completely lost in the process of creation. So it was nice just to be completely free and work when, where and how I wanted.

The challenges on the other hand are that there is nobody there to bounce ideas off and to tell me when my ideas are shit. I love working with other people because I feel like you get enhanced creative power  – more knowledge, and diverse aesthetic and viewpoint. So provided the mix is right, collaborations are magical.


Berlin is the music capital of Europe at the moment. Is that what drew you there?

Yes, Berlin is a pretty inspiring place. And yeah, music was definitely the thing that brought me here. Ok, it may have had a small bit to do with a girl that I was chasing at the time, but mainly the music. Haha.


Will you be taking the EP on the road?

Initially, touring wasn’t the intention, but this whole project has come about organically, so I imagine that is the way we will continue to treat it. What that means is that if any gig offers come through in the mail then we will take them up! A few gigs here and there would be fun I reckon!


‘REMEDY IN MOTION’ is out January 28 on Mad Dog & Love Records.  
Download exclusively on bandcamp.



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