Iona Institute Draped with 'Homophobia Kills' Banner [Update]


The Iona Institute’s headquarters were given an unsolicited festive make-over for Pride this weekend.


Gay Ireland uploaded a picture to the social networking site appearing to show two banners reading ‘Homophobia’ and ‘Kills’ draped over the building’s facade on Merrion Square. It is not mentioned who carried out the guerrilla bannering.

The Iona Institute rose to public prominence during the 2015 marriage equality campaign as one of the most vociferous groups advocating for a ‘No’ vote.


Last week, Iona spokesperson David Quinn surprised many when he Tweeted support for the campaign to save the neon sign adorning the bar’s entrance.

Do you know who was responsible for giving the Iona Institute a Pride-themed reminder of the damage of homophobia? Let us know!

[Update]: who originally posted the photo could not be certain that the building targeted was indeed the Iona institute, suggesting that it might have been a coincidence that Iona share the address with whoever was the target of the message.

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