Ireland & EU's Gay Venues Need To Bolster Pride Security

A Gardai car on O'Connell street offering extra pride security for 2016

The Orlando mass shooting has left the LGBT community shocked and disturbed by the tragic incident

The world is reeling from the Orlando mass shooting on Sunday 12 June 2016, and people are calling for gay venues across the world to increase their Pride security in the lead up to parade: “gay rights activists urged gay organisations and venues to review and strengthen their security arrangements in the US and other Western countries,” reports the Irish Independent.

Vigils have been held here and across the world for people to express their condolences. Facebook has introduced the ‘We Are Orlando’ temporary profile overlay for people across the world to show solidarity.

Michael D. Higgins had this to say on the matter: “As President of Ireland I wish to express my sincerest condolences to the families of all those bereaved and affected by this tragedy.”

The Dublin Pride parade will take place on the Saturday 25 June 2016, with thousands attending festivities and parties organised throughout the day and into the night such as Mother’s Pride Block Party.

Following the attack’s on Paris, the Orlando mass-shooting and the arrest of a man on his way to the LA Pride parade with an arsenal of weaponry, increasing security in Ireland and the EU makes perfect sense.

People fought hard for the right to love one another, and while senseless acts of violence such as these may shake the foundations of our hard won freedom, these foundations remain deep and strong.

Gun control laws in Ireland and Europe are thankfully much better than somewhere like the US where a man can walk into a supermarket and buy ammunition and guns with his milk and bread, but unfortunately that does not mean that violence cannot be perpetrated.

We cannot let fear force us back into the closet. We cannot let senseless violence set LGBT tolerance and rights back to the twentieth century.

So let us celebrate with pride this June in Dublin and throughout the summer in the rest of Europe, but increased security is a clear necessity, even if just for the peace of mind of the LGBT community.


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