Ireland is 9th most gay-friendly nation in the world, says new poll


Good news for Europeans – we’re officially the world’s gay friendliest continent.

In a new international survey (generated by Gallup Analytics), Ireland polled ninth most gay-friendly country in the world, with the Netherlands and Spain coming pole position on the list.

The survey asked citiziens across the world in 124 countries whether or not they believed their area was an amenable place to live for LGBT members of their community. 77% of Irish respondents were wholly positive on that score. The interviews were carried out in 2014, long before Ireland voted to extend marriage to same-sex couples in a referendum on May 22. As it happens, all of the countries where gay people are perceived as being most accepted have laws that allow same-sex marriage.

The rest of the survey’s top 10 list is dominated almost entirely by European countries; 87 percent of Dutch and Spanish respondents also said yes, while Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom also feature.

In 2014, perceptions of gay acceptance climbed most in Luxembourg — by 29 percentage points to its current reading of 79% — where residents had recently elected the nation’s first openly gay prime minister, Xavier Bettel.

Croatia, Nepal and Thailand have also seen a sizeable increase in percentage points since the survey was last conducted.

As to the worst places to live as a gay person? Senegal, Azerbaijan, and Pakistan ranked as the countires least amenable for LGBT folks in the survey. Several countries were not included in the survey, including China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Malaysia.

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