Irish Defence Forces Launch New LGBTA Network


The Irish Defence Forces have just launched a new LGBTA network for it’s members


The Irish Defence Forces took a step toward increased acceptance by launching their new LGBTA (LGBT and Allies) network, ‘Defend with Pride’.

Admiral Mark Mellett DSM, The Irish Defence Forces Chief of Staff, attended the official launch that took place yesterday.

Admiral Mellett spoke about diversity within the organisation and personnel.

“The provision and fostering of a diverse and inclusive workplace environment, reflective of Irish society is our moral duty and, for the Defence Forces, it means better decision making, better agility, better resilience,” Mellett said.

Also at the official launch were guest speakers Brian Sheehan, Executive Director of GLEN, and Catherine Vaughan from EY who is a Senior Manager, Role Model and Diversity Champion who spoke about inclusion in workplaces.

The ‘Defend with Pride’ network hopes to be a source of support and information for Defence Forces personnel, offering them guidance.


Diversity Champions

The commitment from the Defence Forces to support LGBT personnel is part of their involvement with GLEN’s Diversity Champions Programme.

The Diversity Champions Programme is a not-for profit programme which helps Irish employers benefit from being inclusive of their LGBT employees.

By establishing a safe LGBTA network, the Irish Defence Forces and other Diversity Champions are providing a safe space for LGBT employees to comfortably be themselves and be out at work.

GLEN indicates that benefits of coming out at work can include being more confident, with stronger relationships between employees.

By being out at work, employees can save valuable energy that would otherwise be spent covering up their sexual orientation.

According to US research, GLEN indicates that people perform better when they can be themselves. LGB people who were out at work perform 50% better than LGB people who were not out.




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