5 Halloween Costumes For Gay Men In 2016

Two skeletons dressed up in suits which is one of the halloween costumes for gay men

Do you find yourself getting caught out last minute shopping for a costume every year, or trying to superglue one together hours before you’re celebrating Halloween? Check out our top 5 Halloween Costume Ideas For Gay Men In 2016 to get some inspiration


Halloween is fast approaching, and picking out a costume for the annual affair can be difficult. Don’t worry we’ve got your back! Keep reading to get some inspiration for this year’s spooktastic season!


1. Ash Ketchum / Pikachu

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu halloween costumes for gay men
Images: Pinterest


With Pokémon Go taking the world by storm this summer, now is the perfect time to dress as either Ash Ketchum or his yellow companion, Pikachu.

For couples, this makes the perfect joint costume idea. With a little yellow paint, jeans and t-shirt, plus some cardboard or foam cut outs, Pikachu is one costume that can be easily put together.

Pikachu halloween costume for gay men, with only yellow swimwear, tail and ears
The “Less Is More” Pikachu costume.

Alternatively, go minimalist with yellow swimwear, tail and ears, or get toasty with a Pikachu onesie which might make dressing up as the Pokémon for the cold October night even more attractive.

Although becoming Ash Ketchum might take a little more effort to combine all the elements (white and red baseball cap, blue and white shirt, Pokémon ball, backpack, and gloves) Ash and Pikachu is a great couple’s Halloween costume.

Costume complements, gotta catch ’em all!


2. Olympic Diver

Olympic divers mid dive, with Olympic divers being one of the halloween costumes for gay men
Image: Twitter


This one’s a cinch. All you need is some fake tan, some Veet (or another hair removal cream of your choice), teeth whitener, and a pair of Team GB speedos.

Oh and of course some six-pack abs! But, if those aren’t showing up, a little strategically placed fake tan can help you make the most of your natural shape – think the Spartans in 300.


Tom Daley giving Dan Osbourne some serious eyes because he's a diver, which is one of the Halloween costumes for gay men
The Only Way Is Essex star Dan Osbourne and Olympian Tom Daley.


Pull this one off and people will be making this face at you quicker than you can say “Rio 2016”.


3. Skeletwins

Skeleton / skeletwin halloween costumes for gay men
Image: Pinterest


Death definitely becomes these guys! And thankfully achieving this classically debonair look is simple.

For clothing, a dress suit, shirt, shoes and bow tie will help you look like a million spooks. For makeup, all you need is black and white face paint, and an anatomy book to help make sure you’re drawing the bones correctly.

Check out this video makeup tutorial on how to paint a skull you’ll be dying to show people.



4. Trump

Donald Trump mid speech looking angry, which could be a great Halloween Costume for gay men


If you’re truly trying to terrify your friends this Hallowe’en, then look no further than the next American Presidential candidate. If his unnatural straw coloured hair and orange tinged skin aren’t enough to frighten the living daylights out of anyone who meets you dressed as Trump, simply spout out some of his most notable sayings.

Phrases like “Make America again,”, “I’m going to build a wall,” “I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her,” and “[Mexicans] are bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists” will showcase that you’ve gone all in for this Hallowe’en costume.

A navy suit and red power tie are enough to complete the costume, but to really knock this one out of the park, brush up on impersonating Trump’s voice to perfect the illusion.

Here’s Alec Baldwin impersonating the New Yorker. Study closely:

5. Mario & Luigi

Leather Mario and Luigi which are great Halloween costumes for gay men


With Super Mario Run about to launch on the iPhone, Mario is going to run and jump back into people’s lives. A red t-shirt for Mario, (leather) dungarees, a red cap, moustache and gloves are all you’d need to be Nintendo’s iconic Italian character

Throw in a giant cutout mushroom and you’ll be flying.

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