Irish Entrepreneur Backs New Right-Wing Student Mag

A new student publication in Trinity College Dublin, financially backed by Irish entrepreneur Declan Ganley, promises to combat “degeneracy” spreading across the west.

Ganley Declan

As reported by Broadsheet, Ganley (pictured above), whose son Micheál is the publication’s secretary, has loaned the board of the publication €600 in seed funding, a debt for which the editorial team will be personally responsible.

Set to be launched this week, the student-led Burkean Journal, is named after Edmund Burke, the Trinity scholar often referred to as the “father of conservatism”. It will be available online only to begin with, but plans are in place to print the journal in the future.

Final-year classics student Guillermo Dillon will serve as editor of the publication, while Deputy Editor is Louis Hoffman, a third-year history student who describes himself as a “fan” of Donald Trump.

Hoffman told University Times that those on the journal’s editorial team see their role as important in stopping the “degeneracy” that is “spreading like wildfire across the western world at the minute”.

The Burkean Journal website has already published articles by people associated with right-wing, conservative viewpoints. Prominent pro-life campaigner Cora Sherlock has written for the publication, as has Times columnist Cormac Lucey.

Hoffman added that he was surprised at how much interest there was in writing for the publication. “We’re all so excited by all the interest we’ve got, the articles we’ve got,” he said.

The publication’s backer, Ganley, is one of the most prominent conservative voices in Ireland. He spoke at the National Convention for Life 2014, where he was promoted as an “outspoken” individual unafraid of challenging the political elite and of trying to “reshape and reform” politics.

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