Irish Youtuber Riyadh K Just Released Touching Short Film 'Home'

Riyadh K sitting on grass in his new short film home laughing away with his family

Riyadh K, former presenter on radio station Spin 103.8 and Youtuber shared an emotional short film called ‘Home’ on his Youtube channel


The Dublin-born Bray native recently emigrated to the UK, and that is what ‘Home’ is about: The choice to leave Ireland in “pursuit of what’s bigger”.

Now living in the vast metropolis of London Riyadh K hopes to advance his career as a Youtuber and presenter.

In his short film ‘Home’, Riyadh gives a spoken word performance over music highlighting the nostalgia he feels when he returns home to Ireland.

“Smell that? That’s the smell of home,” Riyadh begins, with rich images of the Irish landscape filling the screen.

“Where the craic is mighty, where every town has multiple banter factories, where the people are deadly and the views are, well, lovely.”


Generation Emigration

Riyadh goes on to explain why he upped and moved to London, how it’s multicultural nature allows him to be himself and how his new life abroad can sometimes be sad and lonely.

Riyadh tells of his trips home to Ireland which are filled with emotion, before saying that London has given him “more in eight months than I’ve had in eight years” in Ireland.

“Generation Emigration, yes I am now one of those who chose to take that leap into the unknown because, fuck it. Isn’t that what we millennials are supposed to do?”

“And yet, sometimes that feeling still greets me. Lonely and sad in a pad I once dreamt I had.

“Second guessing my choices to leave the familiar in pursuit of what’s bigger,” Riyadh says.


New Home

“But I am lucky. The times I return are like reunions I’ve earned, we dance, we laugh, we cry, we explore, we remember, we love, we create new memories, like documentaries of our life.

“I am happy, I am content. I am free. I am changed yet unchanged.”

“But now where I roam has become my new home,” Riyadh concludes.

Watch the short film ‘Home’ below.


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