INTERVIEW: Jamie Spencer - Personal Trainer


Athlete, personal trainer, sometime reality TV persona, and all-round hunk, Jamie Spencer challenges Robert O’Connor, saying there’s nothing he physically can’t do. Plus he shares his typical workout day.


jamie01So, Jamie, you are an ex-army man. Is that where you developed your passion for fitness?

I have played sports since I was very young. I did gymnastics as a kid and am so thankful to my parents for sending me. I believe it gave me great foundations. From that I competed in football and running at a high level. When I turned 20, I decided I wanted to really put some size on, because as a child and teenager I was always skinny. I was always lean though. I had a six-pack when I was six!


Let’s talk about the show you did for Sky TV called The Hunks, what was that experience like, are you still in touch with any of the guys?

After I left the army the producers of The Hunks approached me. I was single, I liked the outdoors and partying, so I think any lad in my position would have said yes. The experience was so bizarre. Going from the army were I was up every morning doing physical training to being filmed 24/7 was so surreal. At first having cameras around was quite daunting but after a few weeks you kind of forget about them. The lads that I met on the programme had predominantly been working, or trying to work in showbusiness, for some time, apart from one guy named Sam, We instantly clicked because we were both new to all of it. I still keep in touch with Sam.


You’re a sponsored athlete for NRG Fuel sports nutrition – what kind of role do supplements play for someone who is trying to get in shape?

I do believe in supplements to aid but not to replace food, especially before and immediately after training. I use NRGFuel No2 Max Strength pre-workout, and post-workout I use NRGFuel TTP Anabolic through the day. I also drink NRGFuel BCAA and Glutamine. I am very thankful to my sponsors as they have been behind me since I got into the fitness industry.


Cheat days in a diet – yay or nay? What’s your favourite indulgence?

Cheat days, one hundred per cent yes. People seem to overthink their diets too much and try to get too technical with all this counting macros and stuff. Keep it simple! In terms of my diet, I am one of those really annoying people that can eat pretty much anything and remain lean due to my natural genetics, which is probably what you don’t want to hear. If I had to say my biggest weakness though, I would say sweets. I love sweets of all sorts. In fact just talking about sweets makes me want to go and buy some!


There are constantly new fitness gimmicks – one minute it’s all about kettle bells, the next it’s CrossFit, where do you stand on all this?

I get asked about fads a bit. My answer is always the same… consistency is key. There are positives and negatives to all forms of training. With that being said, I do like Crossfit and can see why it has erupted in the fitness industry. Body weight training is something I have always done.


There are a lot of misrepresentative products out there on supermarket shelves from low-fat to low-carb ­– how do you think people can distinguish the good from the bad these days?

Again, its all about keeping it simple. People worry too much about carbs, sugars, vitamins, and so on. I say just look at the things that matter calories, protein and carb intake. As long as your calorie intake is lower then your calorie outtake, you will lose weight and vice versa if you are trying to build size.


You keep yourself rather tidy – do you have a grooming bill the length of your arm?

I don’t do any grooming of any kind normally. I think this is down to my military mentality as no one groomed in the army, apart from having to shave every morning, which I hated. I do shave my chest though before any shoot and I apply fake tan, as it naturally makes you look more defined. I am going to start grooming a bit more though and invest in a good moisturiser.


jamie4You list football, tennis, triathlons, skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking as hobbies – is there anything you can’t physically do?

I like to try new things all the time and will always give something a go, but no there isn’t anything physically I cannot do. Feel free to challenge me to prove this!


Where can we expect to see you next – is there any TV or modelling work lined up?

I have been booked for about ten jobs coming up, so you may see my face about. In terms of TV you never now, you may see me pretty soon on your TV screen!


What does a typical day involve for Jamie Spencer?

Training, eating, SnapChatting, tweeting and Instagram, ha-ha! This is such a hard question to answer as it depends if am working abroad or back in the UK. If I’m at home in Chester, a typical day in would be as follows.

– Up and breakfast around 8am.

– Train with the big man Ben Walker at 10am, as the gyms are nice and quiet then.

– Home for about 11.30am and eat about six eggs. I love eggs with toast.

– From 12 to 2pm I go through emails and check social media.

– Chill out for a bit, maybe nap.

– 4 to 5pm, go train again, but on my own this time.

– Finish training and eat a big meal.

– Either do something with friends or go out for a few drinks. You have to be sociable!

– Home and bed.


What can clients expect from you when they hire you as a trainer?

If a client hires me they can expect results, to be pushed hard while I train them. They will probably hate me in the gym but when they start seeing results they realise it’s all for their own benefit.


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