Joe Caslin's New Mural Gets Pride Of Place In Belfast

joe caslin's new mural in belfast showing two women kissing

To celebrate this year’s Pride in Belfast, Joe Caslin’s new mural depicts two women kissing


Joe Caslin, known throughout Ireland for his iconic mural on George’s St. in the run up to the same-sex marriage referendum last May, has created a new oeuvre.

While his mural above Rick’s Burgers opposite The George portrayed two men embracing, Caslin’s new, five-story mural shows two women about to kiss.

The artwork’s style looks similar to the iconic Dublin mural, making use of shades of white and black to illustrate the emotional connection between the women.



Speaking of the women in the Belfast mural, Joe Caslin said: “They travelled to America to get married last year.”



Igniting The Conversation

Writing on Instagram, Caslin talks about his work with the LGBT community: “I’ve collaborated with 17 inspiring members of the Belfast LGBTQ community to create a large street art installation and photo series looking at the inclusive LGBTQ family.”

In an interview with BBC, Caslin explains his decision to create this artwork in Belfast: “[it’s] the only territory now on the islands of western Europe that doesn’t have same-sex marriage.”

“Through the work that I did in Dublin last year with the referendum and the large piece we put up on George’s Street, I felt it was an ideal time, coming up to the Pride Festival that takes place this weekend, to reignite that conversation.”


Social Media

People have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to express praise for the artwork which will hopefully inspire people in Northern Ireland to accept love and help the marriage equality cause.

Joe Caslin’s new mural might provide marriage equality advocates the visibility they need to get Northern Ireland to make provision for same-sex marriages.

Let’s just hope that there’s no torrential rain to wash this beautiful art away!

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