John Waters Compares LGBT Campaigners To "Black And Tans"

Irish journalist and anti-LGBT rights campaigner John Waters has stopped being a journalist "because of the LGBT campaign".

john waters wlth long hair and his hands raised like Jesus

In a video interview former Irish journalist John Waters declares that he has given up his profession “because of the LGBT campaign” in the run up to the Marriage Equality Referendum. Oh well.



“I stopped being a journalist because of the LGBT campaign,” Waters announces. “We had a group back in our country, back in the War of Independence, the Black and Tans, you guys sent them over here to us.

“I would prefer them to the people I met last year in the campaign. I would prefer them, bring them back. Bring back the Black and Tans.”



John Waters – Paedophile Priests Don’t Exist

John Waters then declares that “there’s no such thing” as paedophile priests proferring instead that there are ephebophile priests, that is priests who have sexual interest for adolescents in their mid-to-late teens.




“Now paedophile priests, there’s no such thing, or very little. The single most interesting lie about all this. They were not… 90% of the abusers in Catholic church, they were not paedophiles, they were ephebophiles. An entirely different phenomenon. They were abusers of teenage boys which is closely aligned to homosexuality.

“You don’t hear that on the BBC. You don’t hear that on News Night. You don’t read it in the Guardian. You don’t read it in the Irish Times. You don’t read it in the New York Times. And this is again our problem. We don’t have an honest media. We have a corrupt media globally.”


John Waters – LGBT Marriage Proves Irish Are Not Savages

John Waters declared that the decision of the Irish people to vote for Marriage Equality in 2015 was a signal to the rest of the world that we are not “savages”.




“Gay marriage in Ireland is not about progressivism. It’s showing that we’re not savages. That’s our motive.

“It’s about showing the world ‘Whatever you’re having yourself, we’ll have ten of it.”

“‘We will give you not just gay marriage, we will give you the best gay marriage there ever was in the whole world.”


John Waters – An Irish Trump

Former journalist Waters explains that Ireland could use a Trump-esque “battering ram” to bash the “corrupt” media into compliance.




“An Irish Trump would be a good idea as well but I don’t think we’ve got anybody with the balls and the money. You need both it seems.

“You need somebody who becomes a battering ram to knock down this edifice of corruption that we have. Invisible corruption, because the people who are corrupt are describing what’s happening. Therefore, there is no awareness on a day to day basis of what is actually taking place.”


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