Wedding Bells Ring For 'Then Comes Marriage?' Gay Couple

The gay couple smiling against a Paris skyline because they got engaged after appearing on Then Comes Marriage? tv show

A gay couple who appeared on the RTÉ show ‘Then Comes Marriage?’ have gotten engaged


Alan Cawley and Peter Lynch have decided to tie the knot after participating on the RTÉ show ‘Then Comes Marriage?’

Alan decided to ask his partner Peter to marry him against the romantic backdrop of the Parisian skyline. When Peter said yes, he made Alan “the happiest lad alive.”



‘Then  Comes Marriage?’ is an RTÉ Two show which offers couples a weekend retreat which includes relationship workshops to prepare them for a lifelong commitment to 0ne another.


What Is Your Greatest Fear?

On the show, the couple explained how they met, saying that a mutual friend had set them up on a blind date.

Together now three years, the couple live with one another and spoke about how they hoped that marriage would be in their near future.

Alan spoke about their greatest fear as a couple, saying that it would likely be the possibility of “breaking up” that scares him the most.

“I suppose what I’d fear most is like staying together for a good long while and then breaking up, but breaking up like when you’re both older and you’re kind of back to square one. Us not spending the rest of our lives together,” he said.



Dr Ray O’Neill

GCN’s relationship guru Dr Ray O’Neill – the man asking Alan the question at the beginning of the clip above – is one of the professionals brought on board to help the couples in the show navigate their relationships.

In the February 2017 Issue of GCN (Issue 326), Dr O’Neill explains that there are pronounced differences between same-sex couples that are male and same-sex couples that are female, but that the legacy of internalised homophobia is a near universal experience.

He also highlighted the “endemic” of fucking within gay culture which the likes of Grindr and other gay dating apps have facilitated, saying that a lot of gay couples tend to make the assumption that they cannot be monogamous.

The first episode of ‘Then Comes Marriage?’ is available on RTE Player for the next seven days, and the other episodes are available for longer.

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