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Amy Conroy’s critically-acclaimed Luck Just Kissed You Hello returns this November, touring eight venues across the country.

Featuring a stellar cast of Conroy herself, Mark Fitzgerald and Will O’Connell, and directed by Caitriona McLaughlin, it’s a piece that’s both harrowing and hilarious in equal measure.

“It’s a complex look at masculinity, and the fluidity of what it means to be a man today,” says Conroy (pictured). “It asks if we can redefine what that means or are we stuck playing archaic roles? I figured the best person, or character to examine these questions is someone who identifies and lives as a man but who has experience of being both male and female.”

Conroy plays Mark, a trans man who returns to Ireland for the imminent death of his father, Big Ted. Sitting in a hospital room waiting for their father to expire, Mark and his gay brother Gary, together with childhood friend Sullivan, reminise about the past – a past in which Mark was still Laura – and by doing so tell a dark story which unpacks lingering family dynamics.

Luck Just Kissed You Hello at Galway Arts Festival (Pic: The Independent)

“The old notion of what it means to be a man is no longer acceptable,” says Conroy. “It is unrealistic and ultimately makes people miserable. Yet we are unsure as to what the alternative is and I believe our rate of young male suicides is a direct response to this deeply problematic polemic.”

Conroy’s engaging and affecting play explores the traditional father-son relationship in a new light as it derides the stiffling limitations imposed by gender stereotypes. In a play so focused on masculinity, one question sits above all others: what kind of man does Mark hope to be?

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