Kylie Talks Gay Marriage In Australia

Kylie Minogue

There’s going to be one hell of a party when same-sex marriage is finally introduced in Australia, Kylie tells GCN.


In an exclusive interview in GCN this month, antipodean pop princess, Kylie Minogue talks about her reaction to the gay marriage referendum in Ireland, and what she wants for her native Australia.

Quizzed about whether she was watching the results of Ireland’s same-sex marriage vote, which ushered equal gay marriage into the country with a landslide, Kylie says, “I’m just naturally very open-minded. I hate being told that you can do this, and not that, or that you can’t love this person. And it seems, from the result in Ireland, that a lot of people feel that way too.”

When asked what she thinks of the current status of gay marriage in Australia, Kylie adds, “It’s surprising that Australia has been one of the slower nations. Mardi Gras makes a lot for Australia every year.”

Although each Australian state and territory is entitled to create their own laws, same-sex couples are prevented from legally marrying under federal law. The current policy of the Australian government is to conduct a referendum on the issue sometime after the 2016 federal election.

Kylie is confident that same-sex marriage will be introduced soon down under.

“When the bill is finally passed in Australia, and we catch up with other nations, you can imagine that will be one hell of a party,” she says.

Kylie also talked to GCN about why she thinks she has retained such a loyal gay following over the three decades of her career.


Listen to her thoughts on her gays fans below.



Read the full interview in the new issue of GCN here.

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