Latest Poll Suggests Three-Quarters Of Northern Irish Support Gay Marriage

The latest poll, conducted as part of a report by Queen’s University Belfast into attitudes in Northern Ireland, showed that 74.3% of people back equal marriage.

Belfast city hall lit up in rainbow colours to highlight latest poll suggesting support for gay marriage

Following the latest Northern Ireland same-sex marriage bill being blocked, campaigners have welcomed the results of the latest poll revealing an overwhelming three-quarters of those surveyed support same-sex marriage.

Clare Moore, a spokesperson for Love Equality, a campaign for equal civil marriage, had this to say about the latest poll – “Yet again we have an opinion poll showing huge support among the Northern Ireland public for marriage equality. With Stormont suspended and in no position to legislate, we need the Westminster government to introduce legislation to ensure that same-sex couples here are no longer treated as second-class citizens within the UK.”

The controversial DUP leader, Arlene Foster, when asked about the idea of there being border in the middle of the Irish Sea when it comes to same-sex marriage, stated she was sure it could be a matter of discussion if the Assembly was sitting.



Moore also had some words to say to that – “It is no good for Arlene Foster to say that marriage equality will be a ‘matter for discussion’ if devolution is restored, when her party has repeatedly blocked equality for members of the LGBT+ community and has refused point blank to give us any commitment that they will not do so again. Her words ring hollow.”

Love Equality also announced a new crowdfunding initiative to enable members of the public to get behind the campaign for marriage equality in Northern Ireland. Moore continued, “Despite having overwhelming public support for marriage equality, some politicians continue to block progress. So we must continue to march and petition and bring our message to Westminster until equality is secured.”

The actions of one Tory MP were responsible for blocking the bill brought about by Labour MP Conor McGinn, causing McGinn to respond, “Hundreds of thousands of people in Northern Ireland who support the right of same-sex couples to marry will be outraged that one English Tory MP has been able to prevent the progress of my Equal Marriage Bill in the House of Commons today.”

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