Lesbian Group Attack LGBT+ Rights Charity Stonewall For Their 'Trans Agenda'

In a further attack on the trans community by a radical group, the LRA (Lesbian Rights Alliance) have accused Stonewall of erasing biological women through its "promotion of the trans agenda".

A lesbian group at the head of the London Pride parade decrying what they refer to as the trans agenda by holding a banner reading 'trans-activism erases lesbians'.

A group calling themselves the Lesbian Rights Alliance have released an open letter addressed to Stonewall over what they term is the UK based LGBT+ rights charity’s supposed trans agenda.  

The letter, with 135 signatories, contends that Stonewall’s support of the trans community is “erasing lesbians”. It states, “We demand that Stonewall removes lesbians from the list of groups you claim to represent as a national LGBT organisation.”

The misguided missive continues, “In your single minded campaign to promote the trans political and ideological agenda, you not only fail to represent us, but you actively promote lesbian invisibility – and lesbian erasure.” The letter ends with the demand “It is clear that being ‘stronger together’ in Stonewall does not include lesbians. So we urge you to stop claiming to represent us and leave the L out.”

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On their website, the LRA makes the claim that this supposed trans agenda is leading to tomboys being erased from schools, that they are “no longer allowed” to identify as lesbians when they reach adolescence. They offer no support for the contention that “transgender training given to schools is telling teachers that these girls are experiencing ‘gender confusion’ and should be assisted to self-identify as boys”.

This open letter comes on the heels of the organisers of London Pride apologising after a group of TERFs (trans exclusionary radical feminists) forced their way to the front of the parade, handing out leaflets to bystanders which opposed trans inclusive rights and reforms.

Cis-lesbians took to Twitter in a show of support for trans women, lambasting the move and using the hashtag #LwiththeT. One of the spokespeople behind the hashtag stated, “We are firm in our knowledge that trans women are women and trans lives are not up for debate. The action counters the onslaught of sensationalist headlines with a clear message of love and solidarity between all women.”

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