7 badass lesbian characters who redefined video games

Here's a glimpse at the most iconic and memorable lesbian characters that bring some sapphic representation to our video games.

Split screen of three lesbian video game characters.
Image: Left to Right: @QuelBia94, @CryxDx2, @Joyrider2525 via Twitter

It is universally acknowledged that the gaming world is a largely male-dominated one. While it is certainly true that many gamers are men, more and more women are picking up controllers nowadays, which means that the need for more diverse representation is also on the rise. With women often having to put up with sexist plots or being underrepresented in video games, what is even harder to find is some good lesbian characters.

So what better way to mark Lesbian Visibility Week than to look at some of the most memorable and badass lesbian characters that are leaving their mark in the world of video games?

Ellie from Last of Us
At this point, you don’t even have to be a gamer to know this character, given how successful the adapted TV series starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey has been. In both the series and the game, Ellie is a resilient and ruthless young girl who proves to be an incredibly complex character. And while we caught a glimpse of Ellie’s first relationship with Riley in Part 1 of the game (and series), it is really when she falls in love with Dina in Part 2 that her sexuality is better explored.


Vivien from Moonmist
While Moonmist might not be a particularly famous video game, given that it dates back to 1986, its character Vivien Pentreath is groundbreaking as she is believed to be the first lesbian in gaming history. In the game, Vivien is the villain who is supposedly “jealous of her girlfriend marrying a man” and thus plots revenge. Whose side would you be on, really?


Sam from Gone Home
Gone Home is a story exploration game in which players get to take on the role of the protagonist, Katie Greenbriar, and embark on her journey back to her family’s rural home, which she finds empty. The only trace she finds on the property is a note from her sister Sam, and as Katie explores the house, Sam’s voice narrates her own story. Through voiceover, we learn of how Sam and her girlfriend Lonnie tried to desperately escape homophobia in rural America in the 1990s before running away together.


Steph from Life is Strange
Steph Gingrich might be a side character in the Life is Strange series, but she certainly gets an interesting backstory. Written as an openly lesbian character, Steph’s queerness is confirmed in her first appearance in the game and makes up a big part of the character’s identity. Additionally, her qualities as a loyal friend and a music lover make her a truly unforgettable character.


Judy from Cyberpunk 2077
The world created in Cyberpunk 2077 is among the queerest we can find in video games, and the fact that it features Judy Alvarez as its most iconic lesbian character only serves to make it all the more wonderful. A quick-witted braindance technician, Judy is one of the most lovable characters in the game. What’s more, she had a “romance option” that you can only access if you’ve selected the “feminine body type” for your character.



Renata from League of Legends
Introduced as a “stern, sinister, sophisticated, serpentine, sardonic, sapphic, sublime” enchanter, Champion Renata Glasc from League of Legends is unbelievably stylish and incredibly powerful. Donning her elegant grey suit and an intriguing sapphic energy, it’s really no surprise that she has quickly become a fan-favourite.


Tracer from Overwatch
A shooter who possesses a speed ability and two rapid-fire pistols already sounds like a great character to play. The fact that the said character is also a lesbian is the cherry on top of the cake. Tracer’s sexuality was first revealed in a comic series released alongside the game, where her girlfriend Emily was presented, and later confirmed by the writers of Overwatch.



These are but a few examples of lesbian representation in video games, and we hope to be able to talk about an increasing number of such characters in the future. After all, we’ll never have our fill of badass lesbians coming to save our games!

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