LGBT Reactions To Trump Winning

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Today Ireland awoke to the shocking result of the election only to discover that Trump will be the next President of the US. Check out these LGBT reactions to Trump’s win


As America enters a new age with Donald Trump at it’s helm as President, the LGBT Twitter-sphere reacts to the loss for liberalism.

First up is Panti tweeting a sombre message to her American friends…

…before deciding to capitalise on her status as an Irish national following America’s unexpected decision.

Journalist Una Mullally shows her disgruntlement with the xenophobic and sexist overtones of Trumps campaign.

Mullally takes offence at middle America’s hatred being labelled “disenfranchised” in the news, instead preferring the terms “racism” and “stupidity” to describe millions of Americans .

Then Mullally empathised with her LGBT friends in the US, owing to the new Vice President’s views on homosexuality, which include support for “conversion therapy”.

GCN editor Brian Finnegan posted about what he called a ‘new world order’, in which the US and Russia are aligned on the far right.

Youtuber Riyadh K simply chimed in: “Fuck”.

Actor Conrad Ricamora likens the US to Germany in the lead up to Hitler’s regime, wondering at what point should he consider leaving his home country.

Youtuber Tyler Oakley urges those who feel disturbed by the election results to get to work during the next election.

RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Sharon Needles wonders if 2016 is in fact a deeply twisted, dark joke.

Andy Cohen wonders if the US did in fact elect Trump, or whether his medication is kicking in. Unfortunately Andy, the answer is both.

Writer Dustin Lance Black urges people to battle the hate that Trump’s legacy has inspired to turn America around.

Bob The Drag Queen despairs at those who didn’t vote, condemning them before signing off…

…before she quotes John Lennon on an optimistic note.

Actor Colton Haynes is in disbelief at the outcome of the race while Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson plans to take some time to grieve before continuing the fight for equality.


Let us take a moment to grieve for the liberal America we’ve grown to love.

With the Canadian Immigration website crashing following Trumps victory at the polls, taking a leaf out of Panti’s book and reminding LGBT Americans that Ireland is an progressive, English speaking, LGBT friendly country might not be a bad idea.


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