#NotHim Supporters & LGBT+ Community Targeted By Bolsonaro's Supporters

The LGBT+ community in Brazil has been targeted by Bolsonaro's supporters with physical attacks, and hate speech online.

#NotHim Protestor

Warning, graphic images below.

#NotHim (#ELENÃO) is a global hashtag shared by millions of people around the globe, including celebrities, such as Madonna, Cher, Dua Lipa, Shangela and Bianca Del Rio.

The Brazilian elections have been the centre of attention worldwide, not for good reasons, unfortunately.

One of the candidates represents a threat to the democracy and human rights, his name is Bolsonaro and he has shared his perspectives on how he intends to rule the country.

The openly homophobic, racist, misogynist and pro-guns candidate had 47 per cent of Brazil in the latest polls.

Several attacks against LGBT+ have been reported, the criminals were described as Bolsonaro’s supporters.

A 19 years old woman had a swastika carved onto her stomach, she was wearing a top with the hashtag #ELENÃO. The attackers were three male supporters of the far-right Brazilian presidential candidate.

The attackers used a pocket knife to etch the Nazi symbol into her skin in retaliation for her wearing a top slamming controversial contender Jair Bolsonaro.

Another attack happened last Saturday against a transgender woman, Jullyana Barbosa was attacked in Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro. She was walking on the street in the morning and a group of men started calling her homophobic names such as “faggot”, “trash”,  and saying “we need to kill it”, and also insinuating that if Bolsonaro wins the elections they would be able to kill.

The men attacked Jullyana with a steel bar, she almost fainted and realised that her neck was bleeding.

Jullyana went to the hospital and got 10 stitches in her head. Initially, she did not want to go to the police, she said that she was ashamed for being attacked like an animal, but she was encouraged by other people to speak up about her case.

On social media it is not much different, some people are attacking LGBT+ people using the Brazilian’s candidate name.

The above messages were received by an LGBT+ person as a response to an Instagram story they published which says “Living is a political act”, the response says:

“Faggots like you will suffer when my president takes over!”

The LGBT+ persons then ask, “Are you crazy?”.

The assault continues:

“Crazy? I am looking forward to seeing faggots being beaten and shot”

“A good faggot is a dead faggot”

“Be careful little faggot”

“Come back to the closet where you belong.”

After this woman shared a picture of her family with the caption, “I am gonna leave this picture here so you will start your day with a warm heart”

She received the following reply: “What a waste

To which she replied, “Fuck off man, get out of here”

The person responded again saying, “Go and hunt for a dick, bitch! Bolsonaro winning we will kill you”

An Instagram account called @Elenaovainosmatar (@Heisnotgoingtokillus) was created to report new violence cases in the country related to Bolsonaro’s supporters. The page got over 100k followers in two days of existence, the numbers of violent crimes motivated by the impact of the hate speech from the candidate are alarming, and it shows how bad things can get if Jair gets elected as the president.

A company which develops electronic games has created a game inspired by the candidate for Brazilian presidency Jair Bolsonaro. The game called “Bolsomito 2k18” the aim is to kill the minorities, gays, feminists and black people. The fans of the game are sharing their scores on social media, the more minorities you kill, the higher your score is. The game can be easily accessed by anyone, including children.


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